Do you want to stay fit & young after 40?

Like most people, you probably want to live as long as possible. What if you could stay young and look it? "Young after 40" is your chance to reverse aging by at least 10 years! Unlock the secrets of how to reverse aging naturally and learn all the techniques and teachings to keep yourself looking and feeling young, healthy, and happy! If you change your lifestyle, you can become healthier and look younger at least 10 years! Rejuvenate yourself by 10 years or more! Turn your biological clock back and stay youthful! You will feel better than ever!


Unlock secrets to reverse aging naturally

In this E-book all information is given about a life style change to be healthy, more energetic and looking younger. Many people don’t even consider starting such a change because they think it takes a lot of efforts. The opposite is true! You will get in the book all steps to change your daily routine in a gentle and clear way. The result, which comes step by step, gives the motivation to keep the new life style. You cannot change your chronological age, but you can change your biological age!

Learn all the techniques...

Learn all the techniques and teachings to stay younger, healthy and happy and rejuvenate at least 10 years!
A fantastic and practical ebook that will teach you through 12 modules how to stay younger, be healthier and happier.
Use these tools to turn the biological clock back and stay younger. You will feel better than ever!


And all the content of this methodology you willonly find in our E-book “Young After 40


Many know that in order to achieve and maintain the ideal weight two factors are essential: Healthy eating and physical exercise. In the E-book I demonstrate to those who wish to lose or maintain weight, how to change saboteur habits that prevent them from leading a healthy life, and to acquire behaviors that will help in reducing and maintaining weight

Healthy Products

Most diets become a temporary change (not least because many are unsustainable for more than two or three weeks), and when you go back to your old life, it is normal to regain your previous weight. Studies even show that some diets can make you gain more weight than you had before. The great thing is to change your life to have the ideal weight and also health in a more permanent way.


Intensity will be the key part of the entire system! What matters is the quality of the training, not the quantity. The sessions in general have a duration of 40 minutes (maximum) and the emphasis is on exercises that require the work of multiple muscle groups simultaneously. In addition to the prescription of weight training, other activities available at the gym are indicated to facilitate and accelerate their development.

Healthy lifestyle

Sometimes we look for miracles, magic pills and shortcuts, sometimes we suffer, we stress and wear out, but what few know is that, for a good life, we don't need much, just balance in the fundamental aspects of life. Although simple, I hope you will feel the depth of every aspect in your life, so you will understand that everything we aim for will be just the result of a balanced life that we cultivate. You will clearly understand what the aspects of having a healthy lifestyle are


There is no longer any doubt that maintaining a good quality of sleep is one of the pillars of longevity. As several studies point out, people who do not sleep well put on weight and have greater difficulty in losing weight. A survey published in the Annals of Internal Medicine in 2004 showed: only two sleepless nights are able to alter the entire metabolism of the body, increasing a hormone that causes hunger (ghrelin).

Positive Mindset

It is the search for health in its complete state and the profound understanding that your own happiness depends directly on your health. In order to maintain quality of life and live longer, mind, body and food need to be aligned. Remember that everything is connected, there is no point taking care of the body and forgetting the mind, and vice versa. This search then goes through a process of re-education in the concept of health, mainly grounding diseases and their causes through choices in daily habits.



In this E-book, you will receive gains and benefits that will help you stay HEALTHIER and YOUNGER

Physical exercises

Physical activities must be included in the routine. Do it as soon as possible, okay? It is worth taking light walks, running, aerobic activities in or out of the water and weight training.


The count is easy to do if you eat too much, the amount of calories ingested increases and the body stores it in the form of fat mainly in the abdomen region.

Healthy Eating

Poor diet can cause several problems such as gastritis, allergies, hypertension, cancer, obesity and many others, eating is pleasurable and there is a need for more food to be balanced and with the right nutrients to supply the body's needs.

Enough Sleep

Sleep quality is very important, after 40 years it is more difficult to have a satisfactory sleep, the quality of sleep is compromised due to low hormones. But this can be improved or solved with tips inside the E-book.

Dont't Stand Still

Our metabolism slows down and we get lazier over the years, we want to stay in front of the TV at most. But it is necessary to keep our metabolism fast if we want to lose weight. One way to do this is to not stand still.

Positive Thinking

Experts say that, at this stage of life, it is allowed to look fondly at the past, but it is necessary to understand that not everything should be valued or brooded. In addition, some attitudes can help to live this phase fully.

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Edson Brandão (1967) was born in Brazil, is Brazilian and German, lived in Germany, Brazil and Holland. Edson has experience in fitness, food and wellness and studied Marketing at the university. Edson has experience with fitness, a healthy lifestyle, and a positive mindset for over 30 years. He knows how to feel good and be happy thanks to his experiences. Edson is endowed with an extremely young appearance, certainly thanks to his lifestyle. Thousands of people are inspired by him and Edson likes to share his knowledge and positive message on how to be healthy, happy and well with life.

Edson tells his real life story through this website, Instagram, Facebook and has lived in several countries and traveled throughout much of the world. As a self-taught person, Edson developed different programs to create a healthy lifestyle, look younger and keep fit. He loves to tell his life story to everyone, in order to allow people to also have access to this positive mindset and feel healthier and happier. Edson knows how to create it. He is the example that anything is possible, if you want to! Edson wrote a book “Young After 40” . In this book, he reveals his secrets on how to stay young, have a healthy life and be happy for the rest of your life.

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